Harvard GSD
Spring 2009

The site I chose for this studio was Muir Beach in California, and the program assigned to me was a Harley Davidson + Ferrari Bar and Service Center, maximizing on the beach's strategic location off of Route 1.

I saw this as an opportunity to create an architecture that would be wholly incorporated into the user's progression and transition through the site. This progression becomes the way to bring the Harley and Ferrari users together at the key points they have in common, with program threads that weave around one another, separate when needed, and intersect at key moments, culminating at a Zen Garden at the mountain next to the beach edge. The shifts through the site thus bring the disparate user groups together in a collective deceleration from Route 1 to the beach; separation from their vehicles; and ultimately at a shared experience of the zen 'place' / mindset that both user groups achieve when driving on the open road, created through the overwhelming beauty of the dramatic cliff to water edge.