With Anthony Di Mari
BIS Publishers

I developed this book with Anthony after we graduated and taught studio together at Career Discovery at the GSD. We saw, as both instructors and recent graduates, a want for this type of tool to help abstract the language of design as a way to start thinking spatially and three dimensionally. As a personal endeavor, this book is an artifact that bridges my liberal arts and literature background, through which I learned to describe abstract ideas and concepts with words, with my design background - using words to abstract the language of design.

From the Introduction:
This book is, in its simplest definition, a catalogue. It is not, however, an index definitive in its boundaries. Its ambition is rather to serve as a fundamental tool for spatial and architectural interpretation. The terms collected and illustrated herein provide a diverse set of entry points into the language of spatial design. These spatial operations are not ends unto themselves, but are instead a set of illustrated beginnings to activate architectural inquiry, assembled to ignite the design process.